I have continued to sell things around the house on eBay.  It has turned into a bigger project than I ever thought it would be.  I initially started selling things off because I had a bunch of clutter taking up a lot of space in my apartment.  Then I realized that selling all of this loose stuff was adding up very quickly, and I had a newfound incentive to keep selling old junk in order to generate more and more investment capital. 

Throughout high school, college, and medical school, I have accumulated a lot of stuff.  I don’t use 75% of it, and it clutters up my apartment.  This stresses me out for some reason.  That was one of the initial incentives for me to clean everything up.  A cleaner, decluttered apartment is so much more pleasing to come home to especially if I am already stressed from the usual med school crap.  On top of this, I move apartments every 2-4 years, and it is a pain in the ass.  I moved in college three times, but thankfully I have only moved once in medical school.  All of this extra stuff in my apartment equates to about 9-10 extra boxes when I move.  For someone like me this saves a lot of trouble. 

And of course the more stuff I get rid of to make space, the more money that goes straight into my investment account.  My new totals are up to 456 items sold for a total of $11,115.40.  This is the biggest win-win scenario in recent memory for me.  I get to declutter my apartment and remove potential sources of stress, yet I also get to add $11,115.40 to my investment account.  I don’t need this money at all, so I have the privilege of investing it for 30, 40, or even 50 years. 

Anyone who knows me knows that I have already calculated the future value of this money.  If I let this $11,115.40 sit invested for 40 years at a projected rate of 10%, then my holdings will have grown to around $590,000.  If my holdings have an average dividend yield of 3.5%, then I will be receiving $20,650 a year for doing nothing.  This is almost double the initial investment value!  Once again, this is all because I decided to make my life a little more stress free by decluttering my apartment from all of the stuff I had accumulated over the years. 

I always say that the key to gaining great wealth is no secret.  If you can minimize the number of “wrong” things you do (not necessarily wrong – merely those decisions that are counterproductive towards building wealth) and continue to do the small things right, then you end up with a series of small financial decisions that add up greatly.  This $11,115.40 is not going to make me rich.  In fact, the primary reason for selling this stuff was to destress my life and clear up space; however, if I make enough of these minor but significant sound financial decisions throughout my life, then I will end up rich by age 65 or probably much sooner.  I will more than likely be enjoying hundreds of thousands of dollars from dividend payments rolling in every year.  I will be able to afford vacations with my family and a very nice home in a great neighborhood.  I could have a job that pays $50,000 a year, yet have a net worth upwards of $10 Million by the time I am age 65.  A lifetime of these small decisions can compound into a greater wealth than you ever imagined.  Selling clutter around the house is an example of one of these small financial decisions. 

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