Medical School Debt

Financial illiteracy runs at a much higher rate in our society than I believe it should.  It is simple enough to be taught in grade school, and it is important enough to be taught by parents to kids beginning at an early age.  However, it is somehow left out of the entire education system.  AnContinue reading “Medical School Debt”

Financial Milestones and Getting Started

A lot of people put off investing and saving because it can be so frustrating to just get started.  Let’s face it.  If you earn 10% on $1,000 that took you a year to save, you only gain $100 extra dollars for all that hard work to save up $1,000.  If you can focus onContinue reading “Financial Milestones and Getting Started”

The Future Value of Money

Most people see a $20 bill as twenty dollars.  Makes sense right?  However, the financially savvy and the wealthy see a $20 bill as having a value more than $20.  Why is this?  To understand this, one must understand the concept of the future value of money.  This concept is very similar to the opportunityContinue reading “The Future Value of Money”